Managed Networks and Managed Firewalls

Managed Networks and Managed Firewalls

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\Managed networks and managed firewalls provide a complete suite of services that help organizations maintain the security and performance of their network. They offer around-the-clock monitoring, configuration, and maintenance of essential network components such as switches, routers, and firewalls. This comprehensive guide explains how these services can benefit businesses of all sizes.

What Are Managed Networks?

Managed networks are IT systems that are designed to provide organizations with enhanced security, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. These systems use specialized hardware and software to monitor all aspects of an organization’s infrastructure including servers, workstations, wireless access points, printers and more. All information is securely stored in a data center and is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

What Are Managed Firewalls?

A managed firewall is a specialized service provided by IT experts that provides greater control over the flow of data coming in or out of an organization’s system. The firewall is responsible for blocking unapproved traffic while allowing authorized users access to the corporate network. Managed firewalls also protect against malicious activity such as viruses or Trojan Horses by monitoring for suspicious behavior.

What Services Do They Provide?

Core services such as configuration/monitoring/management of firewalls, technical support, malware protection/detection, server filtering/patching/updating services among others. Additionally they can also provide detailed reports on usage patterns so you can make informed decisions about the future development of your networks.

Why Do I Need Them?

Organizations need reliable networks to stay efficient; however managing all internal devices can be challenging without having the right professionals on hand at all times. With managed networks and managed firewalls it’s easy to ensure that all systems are regularly updated and monitored for potential vulnerabilities which helps reduce downtime while keeping costs contained.

Managing your own network infrastructure can be costly with high associated risks whereas outsourcing these tasks to experienced professionals ensures reliable service delivery at minimal cost – making managed networks and managed firewalls ideal solutions for businesses seeking increased control over their online presence at a fraction of the cost. Contact Us today to see how managed Networks & and managed firewall services from Boston Networks can help your organization.

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